Illustrating my own poetry – zines / artist books

I have gradually developed my own poetry writing. In doing so I sometimes write in ways that I would always want to remain as text only. However, other poems have always been conceived to include both text and image. Some of these could be seen as ‘illustrated poems’ others ‘poetry comics.’ There are no set definitions or rules to follow or break. So I am happy to continue to experiment and let the ‘poem’ determine what outcome would be best.

I now have a small but expanding collection. so far all are Riso printed some with hand screen printed covers. Some are folded others sewn by hand. Hence they fit in the lovely overlapping zone of a Venn diagram of zines & artist books.

The current list is as follows (most recent first):


Instructions on how to be tall (2017)

Single colour Riso printed, hand screen printed card cover, hand stitched. 12 pages, 200 x 93mm







Based on a poem I written in a poetry workshop with Jackie Hagan. We had to write a list of things we were and then instructions on how to be one of those things.


Blue morning (2016)

Two colour Riso printed, hand screen printed cover, hand stitched. 8 pages, 148 x 210mm











A political abecedarian poem.


Sunny Side (2015)

Two colour Riso printed, folded. 8 pages, 71 x 98mm









A negation poem.


Recipe for snow (2015)

One colour Riso printed, folded. 8 pages, 71 x 98mm