Documentation Project – Final Document now online

November 19, 2016


From October 2014 Clare and I documented the two year community art project, Mechanics at Home Art in Burnley. This involved us going to many of the projects activities. These ranged from craft groups to community cinema, park games to parades, theatre workshops to collaborative art projects and a huge variety of other gems. At the events we often took part and got to know the Art partners who delivered the activities as well as the participants.

Clare documented the project as a series of poems and other writing. Some of the poems were illustrated as comics by Lou who also drew other illustrations and took photographs. We endeavored to tell the story of the project and some of the people who took part in it. One of these was Matt the apprentice whose voice is superbly captured by Clare’s poems.

A final document was produced by Mechanics at Home which features much of our documentation. It can be viewed in full here.