Studio days – work on Going Going

September 4, 2015

Great to be back in the studio getting some drawing done. I illustrated Going Going by Clare Shaw in 2012 as an exhibition piece. The poem is about alzheimers disease, hence there are no images just negative spaces.

It was originally produced as 4 A4 sections on a background of wallpaper to make it over A2 size. I am now redesigning it to book format, hopefully to form a chapter in our future full length book. I planned it out a couple of months ago and have now been setting out the new designs. I have not had to do too many redraws so the process has been quite quick and 16 of the 18 pages are done. Of course when I got to the 16th I suddenly realised how it would all look better! But it should be easy to shuffle about as I will do the clipping masks last.  The advantage of having it in book format is that I can vary the wallpaper design on different pages. Hence next job is designing new wallpaper!

The original poem can be read in Clare Shaw’s second collection, Head On (Bloodaxe Books, 2012).Goingoing2