NaPoWriMo, poetry classes and a poetry comic

April 10, 2015

In the last year I have been going to some poetry courses. I have always written a little but have not really understood the process that well. Hence I am going on courses to understand it better help with my illustration of poems and the delivery of workshops. Over the last year I have mainly attendedĀ  WEA poetry classes in Hebden Bridge with excellent tutor Sally Baker. I have also just attended a Poetry School course which Clare Shaw has tutored. This was also great to do and also helps our collaboration to work together in this way.

Just as this ended NaPoWriMo began a challenge to write a poem a month for April. It is proving relentless but fun and I am certainly learning a lot. I am not posting up my poems as I am really just a beginner and the challenge means that they cannot always be finished poems. But as the prompt for Day Nine was Visual Poetry, I felt that I really should get a poetry comic out there. It was a slight cheat as I just reworked Day 7 Money. But here it is a very quick poetry comic.

Heads or Tails by Lou Crosby